RaCERS Fall Seminar Series Begins with Discussion on NYC Budget, Learning from Katrina, and Future topics TBA

The Christian Regenhard Center for Emergency Response Studies Fall 2020 Seminar Series began on 9/22 with a discussion with Maria Doulis, Vice President of the Citizen’s Budget Commission. She spoke about the upcoming fiscal challenges for the City and State, as well their possible impacts on public safety.

October 9 at 130pm ET will see an interview with Sandy Rosenthal, founder of Levees.org, and author of the new book Words Whispered in Water, described a part horror story and part who-dunnit. The book describes her experiences as a survivor of Katrina, and her year-long efforts to confront the civil engineering profession and US Army Corps of Engineers to understand the failure of levees in Hurricane Katrina.

For updates and to register, please visit our events page.

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