RaCERS Announced Fall 2023 Seminar Series: Buffalo Blizzard AAR, John Drury on Social Psychology, and NIST Communications Research at Columbia and John Jay College

The Christian Regenhard Center for Emergency Response Studies is pleased to announce its Fall 2023 Seminar Series.

Events will include a presentation on the New York University After Action Review of the Buffalo (NY) Blizzard response to the December 2022 storm that killed dozens.

In November, Prof. John Drury, Social Psychologist at University of Sussex (UK) will discuss the power of social psychology to understand public safety events and present on the pathbreaking review of public flight incidents in response to perceived hostile threats. https://www.theisrm.org/public-library/University%20of%20Sussex%20-%20Public%20Behaviour%20in%20Response%20to%20Perceived%20Hostile%20Threats.pdf

We end in December with a presentation from a team of researchers from Columbia University’s Department of Computer Science and John Jay College’s Christian Regenhard Center. Their multi-year project tested the impact of impairments on voice radio communication channels with an emphasis on first responders. The study used a series of simulated scenarios using one-way listening experiments through use of simulations and two-way virtual scenarios. The work is funded by the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Public Safety Communications Research program.

Sign up for these free online events here.

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