RaCERS Staff

Charles Jennings, Director
Assoc. Prof. Department of Security, Fire, and Emergency Management

Norman Groner, Senior Fellow and Professor Emeritus

Vytenis Babrauskas, Senior Fellow

Michael Puzziferri, Senior Research Associate

Guy van Bencshoten, Senior Research Associate

George Contreras, Senior Research Associate

Jung Cho, Ph.D., Research Associate

Affiliated Research Faculty at John Jay

Faculty with ongoing research activities or collaboration through the Center.

Mark Chubb, CFO CFPS FIFireE FCMI, Adjunct Faculty, Department of Security, Fire, and Emergency Management

Dominick DeRubbio, Adjunct Faculty, Department of Security, Fire, and Emergency Management

Paul Kearns, Lecturer, Department of Security, Fire, and Emergency Management

Susan Pickman, Department of Security, Fire, and Emergency Management

Jason Rivera, Associate Professor, Public Management

Peter Romaniuk, Center on Terrorism, Department of Government

Charles Strozier, Prof. Emeritus, Center on Terrorism

Denise Thompson, Department of Public Management

Robert Till, Department of Security, Fire, and Emergency Management

Lucia Velotti, Department of Security, Fire, and Emergency Management

Hung-Lung Wei, Department of Security, Fire, and Emergency Management



Affiliated Research Faculty

The Center maintains affiliations with faculty from other institutions who work in this area. Affiliated faculty collaborate with RaCERS core faculty at John Jay College on research and publication, and cooperative grant-seeking.

Current Affiliated Research Faculty include:

Kwan-Lamar Blount-Hill, PhD, JD,  Arizona State University

Responses to public safety threat; community-government relations; evidence-based organizational decision-making and policymaking; applied, translational, and public social science.

Joe Clare, PhD University of Western Australia, AUSTRALIA

Fire prevention, program evaluation, crime and public safety analysis.

Len Garis, University of the Fraser Valley (BC) CANADA

Evidence-based public safety, marihuana grow-op detection and interdiction, marihuana policy, opioid abuse, fire prevention.

Kate Kapelo, PhD, Department of Information Science and Quantitative Analysis, University of Nebraska -- Omaha

Human-computer interaction, User Experience/User Interface, First Responder Technology Adoption.

Tara Heagele, PhD, RN, PCCN, EMT Assistant Professor, Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing, Hunter College

Community disaster preparedness, geriatric disaster preparedness, public health

Roger A. Klein, MA, PhD, MB, BChir, CChem, FRSC, MIFireE, University of Bonn (ret.), Cambridge, ENGLAND

Risk analysis, workplace safety, hazardous materials, biological agents, and protective equipment. Klein, a physician, physiological chemist, is author of numerous studies on safety in emergency responders, incident command, and use of information technology.

Arvind Karunakaran, PhD, Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University, CANADA

Impact of AI & Analytics on Work; Platforms & Ecosystems; Power, Status, & Authority; Professions & Occupations in the Digital Age; and Technology's Role in Organizations.
Eric Piza, PhD, Northeastern University
Policing, evidence-based practice

Darryl Plecas, EdD, (Emeritus) School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of the Fraser Valley, British Columbia, CANADA; Member of Legislative Assembly for British Columbia

Police operations, intelligence sharing, drug interdiction, international cross-border drug trade, and marijuana grow operations. Plecas held the Chair in Research sponsored by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He is currently a member of the British Columbia.

Shamik Sengupta, PhD, University of Nevada—Reno

Cognitive radio, dynamic spectrum access, wireless networking and mobile computing, network security.