RaCERS Board Member Corbett, Colleague Knowles Recommend National Disaster Investigation Board,

RaCERS Board Member Glenn Corbett of John Jay College of Criminal Justice teamed with colleague Scott Knowles  of Drexel University to write a piece advocating for creation of a federal Disaster Investigation Board. Building on precedents of the National Transportation Safety Board and Chemical Safety Board, both well-respected bodies that investigate and make recommendations to improve response to and and prevent disaster in transportation and chemical manufacturing, respectively.

Their piece, entitled “For the COVID-19 Era, a United States Disaster Investigation Board,” appeared in Issues in Science and Technology.

The Regenhard Center’s first working paper, published in 2009, called for a independent After Action Review of all federally-declared disasters. http://christianregenhardcenter.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Concept_For_Implementation.pdf


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