RaCERS Resources on High-Rise Fire Safety post-Grenfell Tower

As we watch the unfolding tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire, we want to remind those seeking information of resources that may be of help.

Videos of our conferences on 1) release of sensitive and disturbing evidence following disaster and 2) our conference on emerging challenges to safety in tall buildings are both on our videos page:

Conference Videos

Proceedings of our conference on release of 9-1-1 and other evidence are here:

9-1-1 Recordings: To Release or Withhold

We also produced a white paper on information needs of diverse responders to emergencies in high-rise buildings.

Working Paper 11-01

Finally, Norman Groner’s open-access article on management of occupant movement in high-rise buildings was published in Fire Safety Journal A decision model for recommending which building occupants should move where during fire emergencies

Our thoughts remain with the residents, their families, and responders coping with this horrible event.

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