Citing Penn Station, JFK Uncontrolled Evacuations, RaCERS Faculty Calls for Third-Party After Action Report

Glenn Corbett, RaCERS faculty, was quoted in an article in the Chief Leader newspaper calling for a third-party, cross-agency review of the active shooter scare at Penn Station. In the article , Corbett stated, “There’s two issues at play in a place like Penn: the need for the exchange of critical information across all the agencies, so the MTA and NYPD know what Amtrak police are dealing with in real time, and then effectively communicating that to the public,” said Glenn Corbett, Professor of Fire Science at John Jay College. He is a former member of the Federal Advisory Committee of the National Construction Safety Team for the National Institute of Standards and Technology. “We definitely need a cross-agency review of what happened on Good Friday and we need to proactively identify other places where there are these kinds of multi-jurisdictional issues,” he said. “And there is an oversight role here for the City Council.”

The RaCERS was founded in 2008 to study and disseminate lessons learned from response to large-scale events by police, fire, and EMS.

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