Critical Incident Stress and Law Enforcement: Peer Response

November 2015 – “Critical Incident Stress and Law Enforcement: Peer Response”
Critical Incident Stress and cumulative effects of trauma are increasingly recognized as a serious concern for first responder health. In this talk, Sgt. Brian Fleming (ret.) of the Boston Police Department and Bill Genet (former PBA Trustee and NYPD officer of POPPA (Police Organization Providing Peer Assistance) discussed the peer support model of mental health support for law enforcement. Aside from seeking external support, this approach calls for counseling among peers to cope with critical incident stress. In addition to discussing current trends and efforts, we also receive a presentation on the implementation of mental health support services for members of the Boston Police Department in the wake of the 2013 Marathon Bombing. Both speakers emphasized the significance of addressing physical as well as mental health for law enforcement.

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