RaCERS-Affiliated faculty continue to produce important contributions to the field of fire safety in the built environment. “These works continue to illustrate the unparalleled contributions of our Fellow Vyto Babrauskas to the field of fire engineering, and the timely collaboration with Glenn Corbett further locates the Christian Regenhard Center at the center of fire science and policy debate within the field,” said Center Director Charles Jennings.

Our Fellow, Vyto Babrauskas published a chapter entitled “Forced combustion: Cone calorimetry” in the volume Analysis of Flame Retardancy in Polymer Science, edited by Henri Vehabi, Mohammad Reza Saeb, and Giulio Malucelli and published by Elsevier.

Babrauskas also published a piece in Fire Technology, volume 58 pp. 15-20 entitled “Comments on “The Historical Narrative of the Standard Temperature-Time Heating Curve for Structures” by Gales, et al.

Babrauskas also teamed with faculty Glenn Corbett on a widely-commented opinion piece in Fire Engineering magazine entitled “A View from America: Disastrously Bad High-Rise Safety in UK.” which appeared in the March 8, 2022 issue.

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