RaCERS Faculty Groner, Jennings included in edited volume New York After 9/11

RaCERS faculty Norman Groner and Charles Jennings contributed to the newly published collection New York After 9/11 edited by John Jay’s Susan opotow and Zachary Shemtob. Fordham University Press’ description of the book states “This interdisciplinary collection brings together credible experts from diverse fields to discuss the long-term recovery of New York City after 9/11. Editors Susan Opotow and Zachary Baron Shemtob collect the work of experts in architecture and design, medicine, health, community advocacy, psychology, public safety, human rights, law, and mental health to look back on the aftereffects of that tragic day in key spheres of life in New York City. With a focus on the themes of space and memory, public health and public safety, trauma and conflict, and politics and social change, this comprehensive, respectful account of how 9/11 changed New York sets out to answer three questions: What were the key conflicts that erupted in 9/11’s wake? What clashing interests were involved and how did they change over time? And what was the role of these conflicts in the transition from trauma to recovery for New York City as a whole?”

Groner wrote on safety in tall buildings and post-9/11 code and procedural changes, while Jennings writes about counterterrorism, emergency response, pubic risk perception, and the adoption of NYC’s Citywide Incident Management System as a post-9/11 reform.

The book can be purchased here.

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