RaCERS’ Corbett calls for Independent, objective Coronavirus Investigative Commission

RaCERS Executive Board Member Glenn Corbett has authored a letter to the editor of NorthJersey.com  calling for an Coronavirus Investigative Commission. Rather than political leaders, who dominated the 9/11 Commission, Corbett calls for this effort to be led by subject matter experts from the diverse fields involved in this crisis.

“While the creation of a commission is certainly called for, I don’t believe it should be populated with politicians. Subject matter experts are the ones who need to develop and ask the questions,” Corbett stated.

While a growing chorus of commentators, elected officials, and policy experts is calling for an investigative effort, Corbett is the first to suggest sidestepping the role of politicians in this era of hyperpartisanship and attacks on basic science.

The full text of the letter can be found here.

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