The following is a collection of podcasts produced by RaCERS and available for immediate listening. You can access them via our Podcast RSS, the clickable icon you see on the right. This feed can be imported into your music catalog. You can also listen to them directly on this page by clicking the "play" button for that segment.

RaCERS podcasts are now available on iTunes. They are listed under “CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice.”

01 - Overview of the Christan Regenhard Center

What are the focus areas, distinguishments, and mission of the center; compared to other efforts in the field, hosted by Charles Jennings. Guest members are Donell Harvin of the NYC Department of Health, Jim Ellson of the Christian Regenhard Center, and Deputy Chief Clark Kimerer of the Seattle Police Department.

02 - Intelligence Sharing and Dissemination

Guests include Chief Theron Bowman, PhD of the Arlington (TX) Police Department, Deputy Chief Clark Kimerer of the Seattle Police Department, and Col. Gordon Lee USAF (retired) who is a member of the RaCERS Advisor Board. The program is hosted by Charles Jennings.