Next Generation (NG9-1-1) platform. Mr. McLaren, who also heads the National Emergency Number Association’s Emerging

Technologies Committee, discussed the many possibilities in public safety dispatch by harnessing data sources and technologies that have previously been unavailable to the dispatcher.

March 2014 – “The American Civic Association Mass Shooting: the Dispatcher’s Role.”
Brett Chellis, Director of Emergency Services for Broome County, NY, gave a riveting presentation detailing the reporting and response to the American Civic Association shooting in Binghamton, NY in 2009. The event, which resulted in the deaths of 14 people and injuries to another four was a severe test for the public safety communications system in Broome County. Operating from a county-wide public safety dispatch facility, Mr. Chellis provided an account of the challenges and successes of this complex and fast-evolving operation. Mr. Chellis also discussed the County’s decision to develop an After Action Report, which documented lessons learned.

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