We would like to thank our sponsors who made this conference possible.

The Institution of Fire Engineers was founded in 1918 in the United Kingdom by a group of eight British chief fire officers. The mission statement they adopted at that meeting continues to guide the Institution in meeting the needs of its members and serving the interests of society “To promote, encourage, and improve the science and practice of Fire Engineering, Fire Prevention, and Fire Extinction, and all operations and expedients connected therewith, and to give impetus to ideas likely to be useful in connection with or in relation to such science and practice to the members of the Institution and to the community-at-large.” The United States of America Branch continues the tradition of fire service leadership in promoting fire engineering. For more information, visit www.ife-usa.org
Founded in 1964, John Jay College of Criminal Justice of The City University of New York is a liberal arts college which emphasizes as its special mission criminal justice, fire science, and other public service-related fields. As such, it is the only one of its kind in the nation. For more information, visit www.jjay.cuny.edu.
As an entity of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the mission of the United States Fire Administration (USFA) is to reduce life and economic losses due to fire and related emergencies, through leadership, advocacy, coordination, and support. Sponsorship of this conference was coordinated under cooperative agreement number EME-2000-CA-0048. For more information, visit www.usfa.fema.gov
PennWell is a highly diversified media and information company providing authoritative publications, conferences and exhibitions, databases, information products, and Internet-based services to strategic markets worldwide. They are the Publishers of Fire Engineering Magazine and the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC). For more information, visit www.pennwell.com
Deccan International is a software company focused on developing and applying practical, data-based tools and analysis for enabling ambulance, 911, and fire fighting operations become more efficient. For more information, visit www.deccanintl.com

ESRI is a software company focusing on GIS products. Innovations in computer technology allow sophisticated GIS operations to be performed in the field on a personal digital assistant (PDA), on desktops, and throughout the enterprise. Faster and cheaper computers, network processing, electronic data publishing, and easier-to-use tools are fueling rapid growth in the desktop arena. With the introduction of live mapping applications to the Web, anyone with a computer has access to the benefits of GIS technology.