RaCERS is a collaborative organization

We aim to produce actionable findings from our program of research. We collaborate in several ways:

Public Safety Organizations Can Partner with RaCERS

"RaCERS seeks to partner with public safety organizations to conduct research, collect documentation of after-action information, and apply for funding opportunities. Partnership can take the form of paid projects, internships, and sharing of data or access to facilitate faculty-supervised research. Examples of projects done in the past include evaluation of new technologies, and review and assessment of after-action reporting methodologies. We will also consider working with public safety agencies to advocate for research needs with State and federal agencies."

Submitting archive material

We are interested in collecting primary incident documentation from significant incidents involving multi-agency or multi-discipline response. Individuals or organizations interested in submitting materials for our archive should contact the Director, Charles Jennings, and provide the following information: Location, Date, Time, Brief description of the incident. For GIS or other electronic data, provide metadata.

We also accept after-action reports from major incidents. Please contact the Director to make arrangements for sending materials. Materials received without prior clearance may be subject to disposal.